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T. H. Buscaglia and Associates is dedicated to the computer and video game industry, assisting developers in all aspects of their legal and business needs. Tom Buscaglia, firm principle, wrote the chapter entitled "Effective Developer Contracts" for the game industry guide book, The Secrets of the Game Business. He is a contributor to numerous International Game Developers Association Business and Legal Committee publications including: the Publisher Contract Walkthrough white paper, on Game Documentation and Trade Show Demos and Termination Provisions; the Game Submission Guide white paper on Legal Issues and the soon to be released Intellectual Property white paper on IP Contracts Independent Developers Sign. He has also published a series of 3 online articles on GIGnews for rookie game developers on the legal issues they should consider when starting out in the game industry entitled Initial Legal Issues, What are these games made of…legally speaking and Completing your Contract Arsenal. Tom was a presenter at the 2002 Game Developers Conference, in San Jose, California, on the topic of "The Phenomenology of Game Design" and is a frequent guest lecturer at the Full Sail Game Development Program in Orlando, Florida, giving a presentation to the Game Programming students on what to look for, and look out for, in their first employment agreement with a developer.

Tom is the Founder and Executive Director of Games-Florida, a non-profit committed to building the Computer and Video Game development industry in Florida by bringing Florida to the Game Development industry and bringing the Game Development industry to Florida. He also sits on the Advisory Board of the Digital Media Alliance of Florida. Tom has been the Chapter Coordinator for the South Florida Chapter of the IGDA since its inception several years ago, and is a moderator for the Business and Legal forums on the IGDA web site.

As an independent game producer Tom is president of BallroomGames, Inc. BallroomGames holds the exclusive license for the use of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio name and materials in conjunction with developing a series of "girl" games based on the exciting world of Ballroom Dance.

As FaTe[F8S] Tom is the founder and Supreme Warlord of FaTe's Minions, an online gaming "clan" that has been competing in various online competitions since January, 1998. As a "hard-core" gamer, Tom plays online on a regular basis and has a gamer's appreciation and understanding of the games and the industry.

Computer Game Law Articles of Interest Authored by Tom Buscaglia

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